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Become Part of the Biggest Whale in the Crypto Market!

We grow together.

We are "going to the moon" and we need you to go higher!

The crypto currency market is typically characterised by low volumes and high volatility. The high volatility is a consequence of the low volumes because any investor ( or group of investors ) with alot of money can move the market. These investors with alot of money, in "crypto-speak", are called WHALES.

Whales Bit is an open community of modest investors pulling funds together to be the biggest WHALE in the crypto market.

Effective team.

We have assembled the right team!

Whales Bit is run by a small team of highly experienced business analysts, data engineers and software engineers

We understand the crypto market, we have developed artificial intelligence models that gather intelligence by performing sentiment analysis on telegram channels, twitter and other public forums to extrapolate precise market movements which inform our pump and dump activities.

Effective team.
EU licensed financial institution

We Promise You.


Bank Level Security

Our engineers have roots in fintech. We have carefully implemented gaurds against all known vulnerabilities. We proactively monitor security trends.

customer support

Prompt Customer Support

Our support personnels are always on standby to respond to your queries. All our support channels are active and we thrive to resolve all queries in less than 2 hours.

fast transactions

Fast Deposits and Withdrawals

We understand how important your funds are to you that is why we make sure all withdrawal requests are processed within 12 hours.

Investment Packages

We have just 2 investment packages designed to meet diverse investment strategies.

Flex Plan


8.00% profit per WEEK

Interest is paid weekly on the least balance the account has for the week.


$20.00 Minimum Deposit and Withdrawal

The value of a withdrawal or deposit transaction cannot be less than $20.


Unrestricted Withdrawals & Deposits

Withdrawals can be made at anytime and as frequently as desired just like a typical savings account.

Partner Plan


113.00% after one WEEK

13.00% of the invesment is earned as profit after one week. The capital plus the profit can be withdrawn or reinvested.


$500.00 Minimum investment

The minimum amount that can be invested for this plan is $500.00.


Withdraw or Reinvest after 1 week

Investment period is 1 week during which withdrawals are freezed. Funds can be reinvested or withdrawn at the end of the period.


Current Warchest


Initial Seed Capital




Days active

Payment Channels.

Bitcoin Ethereum Bitcoin Cash Litecoin Tron Perfect Money

Our mission is to give everyone the power to better manage & grow their own finances.

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